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Chrome polishing machine imported from Japan, to realize the digital control of roll chromium cast quality, through the data input, change of abrasive belt grinding head and vibration frequency, pressure and velocity, thus forming different textures, different from the traditional hand throwing layout has the following advantages compared:
1, different printing manufacturers because of the printing conditions are different, the layout of the texture requirements are different. After polishing with chrome, the printer can select the most suitable polishing textures according to its own conditions;
2. The polished layout needs no sanding before printing. It can be printed directly on the computer. It saves time and effort for customers;
3. After throwing, the layout of the net is well formed, the whole is uniform and the fineness is high, so that the dot damage and the dot inequality are avoided;
4, to be able to completely eliminate the knife line, the printing process of the road "phenomenon;
5, even and smooth layout can prolong the service life of the scraper.
The traditional manual polishing machine throws, the pressure F is unstable, the movement speed V uneven, causes the polishing grain to be chaotic. The pressure F is stable, the movement speed V is even, the polishing grain rule.
Polishmaster car mill is produced by MDC is copper surface finishing equipment, precision automatic and mechanical characteristics is the displacement of moving parts is quite accurate, the spindle adopts hydraulic suspension, the friction force is small, the rotation of the spindle is particularly smooth; at the same time, itself has a precision pneumatic measuring device for roll the size of a comprehensive measurement, the precision of the products is to minimize the error. The accuracy is as follows: the taper is + 3um, the ellipticity is + 3um, the surface roughness is 0.2-0.3 um, the wave type is 0.8 um, and the positioning accuracy is + 3um.

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