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Laser electronic engraving machine Japan new gram company, has a multi beam laser engraving function of the world's most advanced, to overcome the ordinary electric carving machine, virtual characters became known for its weakness, color thick, clear handwriting features, is widely used in foreign currency, securities, ticketing and other high precision anti-counterfeit printing. Especially suitable for tobacco, paper and other special edition text is fine, but for high definition printing plate. The introduction of this electric engraving machine has greatly enhanced the company's competitiveness! When the company was founded, the electric engraving workshop introduced many sets of American SUN workstations operating platform, and its greatest advantage is the use of non - film engraving, the efficiency is much higher than the original film engraving.
With the rapid development of the company, M850 electric engraving machine, MDC electric engraving machine and HELL electric engraving machine have been introduced, and 22 electric engraving machines have been introduced. In the sedan industry, the scale of the workshop's production capacity, its powerful, greatly shorten the production cycle, urgent customer needs, to provide the most efficient service, and in a few years of the development process, in cigarette packs, wood, transfer printing and other areas has formed its own advantages for different richly endowed by nature. Different customers visit, by means of making the best, give you the greatest satisfaction!

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